Truck Image

“…it made him so happy.”

Please donate what you can to Dragonfly, whether it is to be used at the hospital, at the Landing, or at our patients’ homes.

“My son, C, came to (“The Landing”, Dragonfly’s patient/family space) a couple of months ago. he cried going in because he didnt want to. then he cried leaving because he wanted to stay. during his very first visit when he was shy and scared you guys let him have a monster truck car, lightweight, big enough to fill his hand but not too big for his 3 year old hand. that truck goes to bed, the hospital and stays with him all day. its the one i have to find every time he looses it because he panics about it. it is a small toy (i’d guess a dollar store toy, not that im judging) but it has made him so happy. he loves the truck, plays with it often and it is his form of a blankie almost. thank you for that. it is a real help to give him something to have all the time (though i have to freak out about really loosing it sometimes) and it has helped him a lot.”

— A Dragonfly Mom