Our Dragonfly and Dragonfly co-founder, Ria Davidson

How cancer affects our 13-30 year olds…

This is reposted from our FB page. I have also included a response from one of our Dragonfly Moms.

My post:

Did you know Dragonfly helps young adults up to age 30 (who are treated for cancer/BMTs at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center ? These young adults have had to go from being independent/semi-independent to dependent. They often don’t have years of savings accounts to fall back on, haven’t met the love of their life, have had to leave college or jobs, and have had to watch life pass them by. Some leave their little ones to wonder where they are and when are they coming home… They are chasing life… (Great title for this show BTW.) The Dragonfly Foundation Cincinnati tries to help them (and every other Dragonfly) enjoy every good moment, be more comfortable in their own skin AND in the hospital room, distract them from their situations, and connect them to our community, our family. Thanks for helping us do these things.”

Her response:

As a parent who has 2 young adult dragonflies you guys are the best. Your paragragph describes exactly how they feel and how a parent must deal with these children who often have moved out on their own, then suddenly they are living with you again. This an adjustment for everyone in the house.so I would like to thank The Dragonfly for all you do, only one word describes you and that is “amazing”.