Dragonfly Cartoon

Helping me see the light

From a Dragonfly:

“I talked with an old school friend today and she asked me questions about what it was like and how I got through it because she said if her child had cancer she didn’t think she could. I told her in the best way I can, it is like you have a box, a small brown box, and you tape it up on the bottom and now you close the top and tape it shut, now imagine you are in that box. That was me, I couldn’t breath I had no air, it was a very dark place, I couldn’t see what tomorrow would be like, panic sets in, and now you feel sick to your stomach and your all alone and don’t know what to do. After months of being in the dark and feeling the way you do, all of the sudden a little piece of tape comes off and you’re looking through this hole praying that today will be a better day. And times go by and a phone rings and a soft voice is on the phone, “I’m from the Dragonfly Foundation, and I’m downstairs with a gift for you.” And I take the tape off a little more and get on the elevator to go to the front desk and get a gift bag with a gift. I rush back to get on the elevator, and on this elevator was another lady with the same bag, no words were spoken, and all I can do is stare at her bag thinking, I guess I’m not alone. As you walk through the halls at night and see around me and see other parents in the same heart ship I realize I’m not alone. A little more tape comes off. I meet a lady through the Dragonfly who took the time to come visit and talk about her experience with her daughter with Osteosarcoma and it was the most rewarding visit. Now imagine you’re in this box and you now can remove all the tape and you now can see the light that The Dragonfly Foundation shined on me from the girl in the elevator with no words, and the person that came and visited, taking the time to share her story with me and let me know I was not alone. See I don’t have to stay in that box any longer I was in a very dark place until The Dragonfly Foundation pealed that tape off and shined the light to get through those dark days. The Dragonfly truly does bring comfort and joy into your life and I can’t thank them enough and our dragonfly families for helping me see the light.”