Fundraising Policies


Please note that Dragonfly prohibits the following types of solicitation:

  • Door-to-door solicitation
  • Telemarketing
  • Use of vending machines or candy boxes

We also do not promote fundraisers held by individuals or independent sales consultants.

Approval Procedure

Once the External Fundraiser Form has been submitted to Dragonfly, our management will review and provide comment within 2 business days. If/when the fundraising initiative is approved:

  • Dragonfly will provide written approval to proceed
  • Dragonfly will provide the Terms of Use of our logos and trademarks, as well as an Agreement Form to sign

The use of our brand/logo is not approved until the the fundraising initiative receives Dragonfly’s approval AND the Trademark Licensing Agreement has been signed and returned to us.

Information That Must Be Communicated to the Public (also known as cause-related marketing)

To encourage fair and honest solicitation practices, The Dragonfly Foundation follows the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Standards. The principle is to provide full disclosure to donors and sponsors, as well as ethical standards that build confidence and encourage giving. For example, it must be clearly disclosed how The Dragonfly Foundation will benefit from the sale of products or services. In every case, the following information must be disclosed at the point of solicitation:

  • actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit the Foundation (e.g., 5 cents will be contributed to The Dragonfly Foundation for every xyz product sold),
  • duration of the campaign (e.g., the month of October),
  • maximum or guaranteed minimum donation amount (e.g., up to a maximum of $X,000).

Failure to comply with these event requirements can damage our good standing in the community and with charitable watchdog agencies.

Publicity & Promotion

The Dragonfly Foundation must approve any use go promoting any fundraising activities. Please support fundraising activities by displaying our logo/information, posting information on social media, hanging posters or distributing fliers, and utilizing other co-branding opportunities. Dragonfly retains the right to review and edit all documents containing The Dragonfly Foundation’s name and/or logo.

Depending upon the availability of staff and fundraiser commitment level, we may be able to provide publicity and/or promotion support via our event calendars, website, newsletters, and social media outlets.