“…if there is any glistening of light, it comes from The Dragonfly Foundation…

Two of our families are being interviewed on WXIX FOX19 tomorrow morning about Kings Island’s #KicksCancer Fundraiser. The station asked for a biography from the families, so the anchors could know something about the interviewees. Here is what Jay Robison sent us:

“The Dragonfly eclipses the realm of “just another foundation” helping cancer patients.  Unlike other organizations, they genuinely focus on inspiration, healing hearts and the uplifting of families as a whole. There’s an abundance of mental, spiritual and “Love felt” healing needed to face this spirit crushing disease called Cancer. The Dragonfly Foundation: the whole concept is and will forever be a stroke of genius!!  Great Samaritans with a masterful creation! Inspired by their own horrific experiences because only we and our loved ones dealing with it, sincerely know how draining and demanded on your spirits, faith and mind state it will become. Unwilling tossed in a terrible cycle of difficult decision after difficult decision.  Although physically it’s a very difficult fight, mentally it can be even more strenuous than you could ever imagine. Battling it 24/7 is such a long and tedious journey. Sometimes you just desire a timeout. A few adequate hours to unwind and maybe try to forget all about your harsh reality of hospitals and chemo and the flat out sadness. You want to feel normal again….

On September 1, 2014, our daughter Jazmine Robison was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer on her kidney. We are a family of four. James, Meghan, Jordan and of our 5-year-old baby girl, Jazmine Page Robison. A few weeks later, while in the hospital we were introduced to The Dragonfly Foundation. Unknowingly, they had already began to help our saddened family with supplies for the hospital life. Things we hadn’t had time to think about, like toothbrushes, deodorants and supplies we needed to make our devastating trip to the hospital easier. But it didn’t stop there!! The relationship became stronger. Within the weeks and months of continuous hospital stays and random ER visits the Dragonfly Foundation stayed by our side. A overwhelming amount of support from tickets to the circus, to tickets to concerts, and comedy shows, there’s even parents night out, at the Landing. They give us our desperately needed hours to try to feel normal again. The past year has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination but I must say, truly, if there was any glistening of light it comes from The Dragonfly Foundation and what it’s meant to our family. We are sincerely honored to be part of their family and hope they may continually bless families like ours until the end of TIME!! We love The Dragonfly Foundation!!!