Embrace Your Imperfections

By Chase Budurka

My name is Chase Budurka, and I am a Dragonfly and cancer survivor. In early 2011, I was diagnosed with diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Cancer affects the lives of so many that I am sure you’ve heard a family or friend talk about someone they know who is having to adjust to “a new normal,” and that was the case for me. Dragonfly was there without hesitation to provide support to my family and me no matter the time of day or night we needed them the most. From concerts and care bags to picnics and parties at the landing, this organization can support families affected with these devastating diagnoses thanks to donations from people like you!

For a couple of years, I knew I wanted a Dragonfly tattoo but held off because I knew the idea wasn’t fully finished. Growing up, I had a fascination with stained glass. The moment I walked into the new landing and saw the stained glass throughout solidified the geometrical wing design.

Then at this year’s 10th Anniversary Grand Gala, we celebrated the past, present, and future of Dragonfly. This was when a triangle came to mind as each point represents the past, present, and future. The artist I worked with then suggested shading the triangle with multiple dots. After the tattoo was done, it dawned on me that the dots perfectly represent how many people, both past, present, and future, have and will continue to be affected by Dragonfly.

The end result was a Dragonfly that landed on my arm back in 2011 and has been with me ever since. A representation of the past and present Dragonflies. A Dragonfly that holds these same patients and their families under its wings as it focuses its sight on the future!

Every piece of art has its own imperfections, much like us as humans. With that being said, the imperfections are left up to the beholder to find and to hold. My tattoo has two unique and small imperfections that I don’t currently plan on having touched up. I love that I get to have a separate reminder of just how imperfectly perfect life is!

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of Dragonfly!