Dragonfly Needs Your Help Responding to Urgent Needs of Patients & Families

The Dragonfly Foundation is responding to meet the needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families during the COVID-19 outbreak by making sure families have access to food, everyday necessities, cleaning supplies, masks, and Care Bags for families entering Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. While many states are re-opening businesses and restaurants and life for many is returning to a new normal, Dragonfly families with children fighting pediatric cancer can’t leave their homes or the hospital because of the risk of exposing their child or their family to the coronavirus.

“Everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 situation in some way,” said Christine Neitzke, Founder and Executive Director of The Dragonfly Foundation, “but imagine having a child with cancer at this time. We remain committed to our mission to support these special families, especially during this pandemic.”

The TDF has seen a drastic increase in family gifting needs since the start of COVID-19. Traditionally, any type of hospital admission is difficult for our families, but during COVID-19, it has become even harder for them. The playroom at the hospital is closed and families are confined to their rooms.

To help with quality of life during these unprecedented and difficult times, staff have been working with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide many items including crafts, toys, and electronics. The Dragonfly Foundation is sending more gifts like games, crafts, or video games to brighten the day of families stuck at home. TDF is also utilizing virtual options to help patients confined to their hospital rooms.

As the COVID-19 pandemic poses even more challenges to our Dragonfly families, The Dragonfly Foundation continues its work helping families navigate the financial, physical, and emotional challenges of the fight against pediatric cancer.

What’s the impact of your donation?

A donation of $50 would buy and UberEats card to allow a family to order food at home.

A donation of $100 can supply a family with groceries and household essentials.

A donation of $150 can supply a Care Bag to a pediatric cancer patient and their family at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The Landing remains closed, but we are committed to helping you!

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