ATs funeral dragonfly landed 7-15-14

Christine Neitzke Leave a Comment

Funeral 1: Dragonfly Landed

Our youngest daughter A had HEHE and passed away in January. We were recently in Oklahoma and had another service for family who could not attend the celebration service here in Indiana. We buried some of A’s ashes under a tree at her grandfather’s where she and her sisters used to sit and fish. When we finished, a Dragonfly landed on my oldest daughter’s head. Another sign of God’s continued watch care over us.

The people of Dragonfly were a blessing to A and her daughter during As illness and they continue to be a blessign to us today. We rejoice when we read of good news from families on Facebook and we are heart broken with those who know the grief of losing a child. If there is anything we can do to help our fellow Dragonfly families, please let us know.