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Don’t blame her…

A Dragonfly Mom’s FB Post (Reprinted with permission):

“The conversation with my 2 year old when I put her to bed tonight…
Me: “go to bed like a good girl so we can go to Coney Island soon!”
Lucy: “daddy go too?”
Me: “yes”
Lucy: “daddy’s boo-boo all better?!”
Me: “not yet, but soon!”
Lucy: “my giraffey has cancer too”

The conversation with my 3 year old when I put her to bed…
Hailey: “Why isn’t daddy coming home tonight?”
Me: “..because he had his yucky medicine today and he is sick”
Hailey: (with tears in her eyes) “I don’t like chemo. I want my daddy to get better soon”

….is it bad that I WISH my kids just didn’t understand what was going on? Off to boohoo with a bottle of wine! — feeling sad.”