New Diagnosis/Extended Stay Care Package

Clarivoyant? No, our Dragonfly families give us great advice!

From a newly registered Dragonfly Dad:

“You knew what we needed before we did.”

Have you read about our “Big Blue Bags”? They hold our New Diagnosis/Extended Stay Care Packages. Each bag contains about $140 worth of items: night lights, laundry bag and detergent (HE Free/Clear Pods), toothbrush, toothpaste, in-room meal cards, personal care items, office supplies… all the needs you would pack if you were going to college or camp; things that help you make your stay more comfortable. Back in early 2011, we asked our families, “What did you forget to bring that you needed?” “What was helpful to have with you so that you wouldn’t have to leave your Dragonfly’s bedside?”

We got wonderful advice, from both our families and the Hospital. To see the complete list of contents, please click here!

Here is what our families have said about our “Care Bags.”

“Your blue gift bag is the reason I got to eat some days. Like a Godsend, I got your bag a week when things were really tight.”

“We wanted to send along our appreciation for all the kind things Dragonfly has done for us. The welcome bag we got in late July alone was amazing, all the toiletries were put to use and the gift cards to the cafeteria made things easier for us on some of the rough days.”


“Thank you Dragonfly for the comfort package at the hospital! It was very helpful to get the coupons for cafeteria food meals. To be honest, I couldn’t really afford the meals for 5 days and would have been too embarrassed to ask the social worker. I packed some instant food bars, but it was nice to be able to order a real meal! N likes the night light, too. Thank you for this thoughtful bag of goodies!”

“I left my entire bag at home as I was trying to rush to the hospital so I was very thankful for the toothbrush and toothpaste that night!”


“Real toilet paper feels like Christmas!”


“Thank you for the Care Package you provided to us during our initial stay at the hospital (involving ultrasound, then MRI and CT scan, then surgery). It was a time of tremendous turmoil, when your helping hand handed us things we really needed.”