Call for Tips for Tips Book Revision

The Dragonfly Foundation is revising and reprinting our Tips Book for Dragonfly Families. The book is a great resource for parents/spouses/caregivers as they support patients, siblings and offspring during treatment and recovery. If you would like to contribute a tip, suggestion, comment, idea, please visit

We are seeking suggestions for consideration on topics related to:

  • Communicating With Hospital Staff
  • Communicating With/Supporting Siblings/Offspring
  • Connecting The Patient With The World Outside The Hospital
  • Distractions To Use While Inpatient
  • Extended Hospital Stays
  • Handling Challenges Of Treatment
  • Hair Loss
  • Managing Bad Moods/Irritability
  • Responses To Misguided/Hurtful Remarks Or Actions
  • School
  • Staying Organized (Schedule, Hospital Room)
  • Things Others Can Do/Say To Help
  • How Dragonfly Helps Patients/Families (In Your Words)
  • Other
If you haven’t seen the first edition of our Tips Book, please click here: Parents to Parents Tip Booklet!
Thank you for helping The Dragonfly Foundation continue to be a valuable resource to young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients and their families.
(Illustration by Tara Calahan King)