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The Dragonfly Foundation is updating its Tips Book for Caregivers and is seeking suggestions, tips, advice, quotes and other free-use content. Please submit items that you think could help patients and their siblings, offspring, parents and caregivers. 
Grammar, punctuation, etc. are NOT important! All comments will be edited for Dragonfly use in a new resource for Dragonfly patients/families. 

Please use a NEW FORM for each tip, suggestion or comment. 

Bonus Question
What jokes, messages, quotes, words of encouragement have made you/your family smile, laugh, or feel comforted and supported? (140 characters or less) Messages must not refer to a particular religious group or affiliation. 

Dragonfly may use these inspirational, motivational, caring, supportive or fun/funny messages as part of a motivational document, as text messages to Dragonfly families who opted-in to receive them, and/or as posts on social media. Please know this will NOT opt-in you/your family. Don't worry about grammar or punctuation. 

As part of its ongoing mission, The Dragonfly Foundation publishes, on a periodic basis, a Tips Book, which is shared with Dragonfly parents, patients, families, and others in order to provide tips, ideas, suggestions, inspiration and motivation. We welcome your input in helping us compile the Tips Books by providing your tips, ideas and suggestions. In doing so, we would like permission to use, publish and distribute your contributions, which would be done anonymously and without attribution to you. The Dragonfly Foundation acknowledges that such tips, ideas and suggestions are yours, and are not subject to copyright.  If you are willing to let us use your tips, ideas and suggestions, please read and sign:

I hereby authorize The Dragonfly Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “TDF”) to use, publish and distribute my tips, ideas and suggestions in TDF’s Tips Book, as well as other TDF publications, electronic communications, websites and social media outlets. In doing so, I understand that such usage shall be done anonymously and without attribution to me. I also grant to TDF full distribution rights of such tips, ideas and suggestions.

I further acknowledge that participation is voluntary and that I will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the use or publication of these tips, ideas and suggestions or participation in TDF marketing materials or other TDF publications.  I acknowledge and agree that publication of said tips, ideas and suggestions confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.

When you click submit you will be redirected to a new blank form. You will receive a confirmation copy of your submission via email. Thank you for helping Dragonfly families find strength.