Board Member Responsibilities & Pledge


  • Set specific, measurable and attainable goals on an individual basis
  • Increase board member engagement

Board members will now play an integral role in setting the Board Giving Campaign, Board Fundraising Campaign and New Donor Attainment Campaign goals.

  • Board Giving Campaign:
    • Board members will meet individually with the Director of Development to determine a personal giving capacity for the upcoming year
    • Make a personal and annual unrestricted financial contribution of at least $1,000 that supports the annual Board campaign goal of $20,000
  • Board Fundraising Campaign: The Board Fundraising Campaign goal amount will vary year over year based on previous years participation percentage and changes in individual circumstances.
    • Generate a minimum of $10,000 annually beyond one’s personal gift by methods such as:
      • Request that my employer make an annual financial
      • Identify and/or solicit other potential donors/sponsors
      • Volunteer to make solicitation calls to CEOs of local corporations/foundations
      • Volunteer to introduce the organization to local business leaders
      • Host a personal solicitation event
      • Support TDF through attendance, sponsorship, and auction donations/purchases
      • In-kind services
  • New Donor Attainment Campaign: The Campaign goal varies year over year based on previous years participation percentage and changes in individual circumstances.
    • Board members will meet individually with the Director of Development to determine what quantity of new donors or relationships they’re able to commit to attaining for Dragonfly in the upcoming year. Once all new donor quantities have been determined, a New Donor Attainment Campaign goal will be established based on the sum of all board member commitments.

Board Meeting Attendance

  • Time & Commitment
    • Board members commit to attending two-thirds of all board meetings (six meetings a year), plus the Annual Meeting. (Meetings are 1½ hours long)
    • Must invest a varying amount of time on other activities or projects, from 1-2 hours per month to several hours
  • Additional Requirements (These requirements will not be directly measured or tracked, however, your participation in Dragonfly activities greatly improves your knowledge of the foundation and your ability to fulfill your commitments to board campaigns.)
    • Volunteer for a minimum of two direct service experiences each year:
      • Picnic/Fall Fest
      • Concert Events
      • Other Patient/Family Events
    • Attend and host/co-host a table annually at a premium Dragonfly event:
      • Golf Tournament
      • Award Presentation Ceremony
      • Dragonfly’s annual Grand Gala
    • Represent Dragonfly at high profile events, such as check presentations or community events
    • Be an ambassador to Dragonfly at all times
    • Follow Dragonfly’s Volunteer Protocols
    • Sign a confidentiality agreement and event liability waiver
    • Serve on at least one committee

Reporting and Accountability

  • The Director of Development will report to the board quarterly with the progress of each board campaign. Additionally, the Director of Development will meet with each board member quarterly to discuss progress towards individual goals and to review board meeting attendance.
  • In January of each year: board members will meet individually with the Director of Development to review the previous year’s campaigns. At this time, new goals for the upcoming year will be established.
  • If at any time a board member believes one of their goals is unattainable, the Director of Development and other leadership staff will decide if a revised goal is appropriate. At that time, the board will be notified that an individual goal is being adjusted and other board members will have the opportunity to cover the difference. (Board members are not required to contribute beyond their established goals.)

Resignation/Removal from Board
A board member can be asked to resign their position as a board member if one of the following occurs:

  • They fail to meet their goals, and no other board members cover the difference, for two consecutive years.

The Dragonfly Foundation Board Member Pledge

  • Serve on at least one chapter committee and attend a minimum of two-thirds of the Board/Operations meetings and committee meetings
  • Identify and actively recruit at least one new board member annually
  • Identify one new potential sponsor for each event
  • Schedule an annual conversation with TDF Executive Committee to review personal goals, time/effort invested and/or pledged, and to provide input and feedback on items that will help sustain our organization and improve our ability to meet our service mission.

I agree to the terms set forth in this Board Member Pledge

Board Member: Responsibility & Pledge