Sherie's Story

Sherie’s Dragonfly Story

Sherie was first introduced to The Dragonfly Foundation through her work at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Dragonfly often held patient/family events at the school (e.g., ice skating and tickets to hockey, football and baseball games, etc.). As a skater, Sherie’s daughter Karia often volunteered at Dragonfly events. Little did she know that one …

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CosPlayer, Knightmage, Supports Dragonfly at Cincinnati Comic Expo

Sept. 20-22nd, 2019 Michael Wilson aka Knightmage will be attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 20-22nd, 2019 at the Duke Energy Center. Wilson, a Deputy Sheriff, actor and International Cosplayer from Youngstown, Ohio, travels the to various pop culture conventions around the world and raises money for charities while attending the conventions as their guest. During Cincinnati Comic Expo, …

FCi Cincinnati Kicks Childhood Cancer

FC Cincinnati’s “Kick Childhood Cancer” campaign kicks off

From: This year FC Cincinnati will continue their tradition of bringing awareness to Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September. Now a member of Major League Soccer, FCC’s efforts will be under the league’s “Kick Childhood Cancer” platform, allowing the club to expand its awareness efforts through league-wide programming. MLS’ “Kick Childhood Cancer” initiative has helped put a brighter light …

Brittany B. Podcast Art

New Podcast Episode: Brittany B’s Story

In this podcast, Dragonfly mom, Brittany, recounts her daughter’s journey from what she thought was an attack of appendicitis to having Kylie’s kidney removed and what The Dragonfly Foundation means to her and her family. Kylie was four-years-old when she was diagnosed with cancer. Brittany talks with host and Dragonfly co-founder, Ria Davidson, about how she went from “my stomach …

Dr. Jen Chung

Dr. Jennifer Chung’s Story

In this episode of The Dragonfly Effect Podcast, board member Dr. Jennifer Chung discusses why she became involved with The Dragonfly Foundation. Dr. Chung was drawn to Dragonfly because of its mission to provide holistic support to pediatric cancer patients and their families. While Dr. Chung appreciates how advances in research can save lives, she also recognizes the importance of emotional, relational …

Dragonfly Effect Podcast: John Thomas's Story

The Dragonfly Effect Podcast: John Thomas, Burke Marketing

In this episode, Ria Davidson, the co-founder of The Dragonfly Foundation, interviews John Thomas, Burke Healthcare’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director. With skills such as statistics, data analysis, and questionnaire design, he started in the healthcare industry more than 25 years ago. As a market researcher, he learns how people feel, why people do what they do and shares …

The Dragonfly Effect Podcast: Johanne's Story
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The Dragonfly Effect Podcast: Johanne’s Story

Six years ago, Johanne’s young son was rushed to the hospital with a kidney cancer. Unprepared for the news and from that point forward, Johanne found comfort in The Dragonfly Foundation. While every family affected by cancer has a unique story and circumstance, Johanne found a welcoming, understanding community among Dragonfly families. She describes procedures and how that made her feel like …


Kassi’s Story

Dragonfly mom, Kassi, shares her family’s cancer battle, her advice to other Dragonflies and her joyful outlook on life on the latest episode of The Dragonfly Effect Podcast with Ria Davidson, cofounder of The Dragonfly Foundation.

New Podcast Episode: Devon’s Story

This episode of The Dragonfly Effect podcast focuses on how Dragonfly provides emotional, relational and practical support for its families in critical times during and after treatment. Devon shares how Dragonfly supported her family in a way no one else could, becoming a beacon of light in dark times while her family struggled with isolation and financial pressure throughout her son’s cancer treatment. She also describes ongoing challenges related to recovery and survivorship.

Brittany's Story

Brittany’s Story: Family, Home, Joy, Love, & Support

This episode focuses on how The Dragonfly Foundation helps provide a community and support system of others who understand what it’s like to undergo pediatric cancer treatment. Brittany discusses how hospital stays and infection control protocols made her family feel isolated and alone, even while surrounded by loving family and friends in their community As a mom of three young …