Kassi’s Story

In this episode of The Dragonfly Effect Podcast, Dragonfly mom Kassi shares her family’s cancer journey after her young daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2015. Even though her daughter is in remission, Kassi knows that her family is changed forever, and the stressors of cancer treatment—like scans and testing—continue to this day.

Kassi and her family still attend Dragonfly events to bond with families who share similar experiences and to support new Dragonflies currently undergoing treatment. Like many Dragonfly families, Kassi found that talking to others with similar experiences provided support that she couldn’t find anywhere else.

Despite her family’s cancer battle, Kassi maintains a joyful approach to life, understanding that every moment with her family is precious. She shares her advice on how families can cherish every moment, even during the difficult and traumatic times.

The Dragonfly Foundation is grateful to iHeart Radio host, Scott Sloan, for recording the introduction/closing of the podcast.

The executive producer of Dragonfly’s podcast is Joe Strecker.

The Dragonfly Foundation(R), a 501c3 nonprofit, helps pediatric cancer patients and their families find strength, courage, and joy. We do this by providing ongoing support, relevant materials, and caring, nurturing and transformative experiences.

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