And this is JUST about our patient/family events!

Following is a post written by a Dragonfly mom who shared information about our upcoming Dragonfly Grand Gala with her friends on Facebook:

“This charity organization is AMAZING. They give tickets to families (with a child fighting cancer or “Dragonfly”) for local events. When your child is immunosuppressed they cannot be in large crowds of people. (Even more so in the winter) They also can tire out very quickly or feel ill very suddenly. Many of us Dragonfly Families end up in somewhat isolation during this time.

Why go anywhere, Why shell out money for tickets when our child may contract an illness or feel sick from treatment and have to leave early? Better just to stay home.” (With a nod of apology and a heap of quilt towards the siblings of the patient.)

Feelings of constant isolation can create sadness for everyone involved and even resentment towards the Dragonfly themselves via siblings that simply do not (probably because we really don’t want them to) understand the severity of the situation.

These feelings surrounding the “Dragonfly” are not helpful in their quest to get better.

The Dragonfly Foundation gets this. So they offer families opportunities to enjoy local events such as concerts, plays, ballet, sports events etc often times in box seats so that the child has limited exposure to potential germs!! Also, since the tickets are free, there is no loss if it’s necessary to leave early for any reason!!!
Dragonfly also extends opportunities and events specifically for the “Dragonfly’s” caretakers to have a night out as well!! The part I LOVE (as the proud mamma of a Dragonfly in active treatment as well as two AMAZING Dragonfly Siblings (11,14) ) is that The Dragonfly Foundation fully recognizes the role the Dragonfly’s siblings have to play during this family journey. They have many events that are fun for and honor the brothers and sisters that help so much and stay so strong every day!!!

These feelings of joy that The Dragonfly Foundation provides families like ours ultimately help child stay strong, feel positive energy and KEEP FIGHTING!!! (Vs feeling isolated and responsible for the gloom)

Like I said, Dragonfly is a local charity that is truly the best. Please, if you have an opportunity to support them, please do!!!


For sponsorship/registration information about our Dragonfly Gala, please CLICK HERE.