Your Time, Talents and Treasures Have Gone A Long Way

Dear Dragonfly Supporters,

Thank you for another successful year serving the needs of families of pediatric cancer patients.  Your time, talent and treasure have gone a long way in easing the struggles associated with a challenging diagnosis.  It is my sincere hope that during this time, we will all share thoughts and prayers for those whose holidays and New Year may be marred by the suffering of a family member.

Many people thoughtfully ask what else they can do to be helpful to our families.  Of course, you can support the efforts of The Dragonfly Foundation in many ways –

  • Direct financial support;
  • The sharing of unwanted gifts or gift cards received during the holidays;
  • A commitment to participate in or volunteer for Dragonfly-related events;
  • The sharing of bottles of wine or other spirits that can be used as gifts for our many events; or,
  • Simply spreading the word about the important work being done by The Dragonfly Foundation to meet the needs of families impacted by pediatric cancer.

May you and your family be blessed with a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.  And, may you take the opportunity again this year to bring joy to others.  Please click the link below to let us know what you can do to help a Dragonfly family.


Greg Vehr
Board President