Why Dragonfly?

“Throughout the world there are many fund raising processes and activities supporting critical research to find cures for many forms of cancer and blood disorders. The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital staff and doctors deliver outstanding oncology care, and are a performing important research in this area. With their work and dedication, my son is now in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Finding a cure for all children must remain a priority.

With that said, we know that support processes for children and families going through the treatment journey for these diseases are underdeveloped. Once diagnosed, every day is precious for these families, as their child lives moment to moment.  The children themselves frequently experience significant physical pain, and emotionally the lives of everyone in the family are changed forever.  Although medical care is excellent, emotional and physical needs of children and their families are often left unfulfilled.

The Dragonfly Foundation exists to fill a critical need of bringing comfort and joy to children and their families going through this life changing experience.”