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What it’s like to lose your hair… again.

From a Dragonfly Mom:

“E has had a hard week with her chemo. This morning she woke up more nauseated than normal, shaky and feeling like jelly. Her little legs could not support her body this morning. She stayed home and slept all day. Tuesday, she noticed her hair was falling out at school, but held on to the hope that it was maybe just thinning out a little. When she got home, she got into the bath tub to relax and feel better. I heard a scream that sent chills down my spine, and I ran into the bathroom. E was crying holding her head in her hands and all you could see was hair floating all around her in the bath tub. I quickly grabbed a towel, wrapped her so tight and held her with all my might. We cried together and began to try and make sense of something that makes no sense. Tonight she has lost the last of her beautiful curls. I wish I could take all this pain away from her. I feel so helpless tonight. A, N and L have not left her side and are suffering along side of her. It is cruel what cancer does to families.

L ran and grabbed the hair clippers and shaved his head and had his Dad shave a cancer ribbon in the back of his head. A and N held her tight and just keep telling her how beautiful she was. The kids wouldn’t let her go to bed without a smile and a laugh. She is such a fighter and inspires us. We are very sad tonight but we are not defeated. We know God has big plans for E. Please hold our family close to your hearts and pray that God will continue to comfort us.”