We sent 88 Dragonflies to see Garth Brooks in Concert

We have been able to send 88 Dragonflies to see Garth Brooks perform in Cincinnati. Here is a thank you note we received from some of the families:

“We’re ready for some Garth Brooks tonight. Big Thank You To The Dragonfly Foundation For Tonight.. A Family Night Out Together. Even K Is With Us… He Is Off Work T”Thanks so much for the Garth Brooks concert!! We had a blast!!!his Weekend YAY! Thank You So Much For All You Do for Every Dragonfly Family (You Are) Incredible. Thank you to all who volunteers day and night with out you there would be no dragonfly foundation we love you and appreciate all of you and all your hard work. Thank you to all who donated to the dragonfly foundation without you our Dragonflies wouldn’t have a place to land, a smile, a distraction for a day to take there (sic) worries away for a day that’s (huge) so thank you from a Grandma/ Caregiver of a Dragonfly. Thank You for caring, and loving enough for all of our Dragonflies all these years we love you for all you are and all you do your incredible. Thank You for loving and caring for our Dragonflies when no one else does giving them a place to land a place to feel excepted by families who understand exactly how they feel when they go through treatment, when they loose their hair when their strip down of everything they have known thank you. Thank you for helping giving that back to my dragonfly when she was at her lowest feeling defeated and not confident enough to believe in her self you gave her that in front of hundreds of people why because you believed in her thank you.” – A Dragonfly Caregiver

“Thanks so much for the Garth Brooks concert!! We had a blast!!!” – A Dragonfly Mom

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We never thought we’d be facing pediatric cancer. Ever. To catch a wonderful night out, without worry, cost or germ exposure simply would not happen without The Dragonfly Foundation.” – A Dragonfly Mom