Kings Island Day 2014

We have had another “best day” today!

Today was Dragonfly’s 4th Annual Kings Island Day for our patients/families. More than 220 came to Kings Island today for a day of fun, food and entertainment.

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, such as Matson Money, and individual donors, we were able to pay for their tickets, their meals, refreshments, desserts and the appearance of 2 Peanuts(TM) characters, Snoopy and Lucy.

Families arrived early and then all met at the picnic shelters for lunch.

First, let me say how much fun it has been watching our Dragonflies grow. We know the hardships they have had and continue to endure. To see them get taller, to see them struggle less, even if it is only by appearances, is a wonderful thing that no Dragonfly takes for granted.

Since we do events frequently, many of our families have opportunities to meet and establish relationships, between the kids, between the parents and between the families. Seeing them embrace, some whom have never met except on our private Facebook page, makes us at Dragonfly so happy.

During the lunch we had 2 young Kings Island performers come sign for our kids. During their performance and their intermission, we/they invited the kids up to the stage to have some fun! (We must have heard the osng “Let It Go” from Frozen no fewer than 20 times.

The families lingered and the kids all said goodbye and thank you. That made us feel great, too.

Pictures coming soon!!!!