We Are In This Together

Children deserve to be healthy. Unfortunately, the reality is that many children have cancer. Cancer affects not only the child but the entire family.

Imagine a child with cancer during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tragically, these families face challenges that many of us don't. Their immune systems are compromised, putting them at a higher risk of infection. Many families remain in complete isolation, away from even the outside world. And, they have limited means of having access to food.

"I was a pediatric leukemia nurse care manager for six years before I became the mom of a dragonfly myself. No amount of knowledge or experience can prepare you for the words, "Your child has cancer." Our daughter, Isla, was diagnosed with high risk Acute lymphoblastic leukemia at 20 months old. My coworkers and friends took on a new role in my life, as Isla's medical team and caregivers. As a nurse, I always knew what a fantastic group the Dragonfly Foundation was and the joy they brought to patients and families. But until you experience it firsthand in the trenches of chemo with your own child, you have no idea how much their acts of generosity, both big and small, are really needed for families living through treatment day in and day out." - Rachel

Will you act now to help us make an immediate impact on the hundreds of Dragonfly families that need your help? With COVID-19, your support is needed now more than ever. Please help us create a safer environment for our children with a cancer diagnosis.

Thank you.
Jim & Christine Neitzke