“It is amazing what you do for our community and how you touch so many lives.  Our facilities manager’s sister in law, received a lot of from your foundation when she was going through treatment for leukemia.  He and his family consider themselves blessed to have been a recipient of your generous contributions.” – A Dragonfly Supporter

“Thank you dragonflies for my new toys and shirt ill take very good care of them since i am officially off all of my monitors and iv’s for a while! So I’m ready to play!” – A Dragonfly Mom

Such a sweet note! With the help of CASTO, Matson Money and others, we have added space to The Landing, expanding it to 7,000. Needing to clean it, we reached out to our friends at Corvus Janitorial Services. Brian Peters sent us this note:
“I can remember about this time of year in 2012, not so long ago and the very beginning when you first acquired the space. You and your team have come very far and I know that you will go even further and beyond as you continue to enrich the lives of so many patients and their families. I am incredibly proud of you and I want to thank you for allowing the Corvus family to be a tiny part of your operation.”