Matson Money Symposium Check Presentation

The Dragonfly Foundation Receives $100,000 From The Matson Family Foundation

On Friday, August 27th, The Dragonfly Foundation took the stage with two Dragonfly Families and accepted what was the second largest single donation in its 5-year history: a $100,000 check from The Matson Family Foundation. The donation was made during the 2015 Matson Money Symposium held at the Duke Energy Center in front of several thousand attendees from all across the country. The organization also donated the same amount to Dragonfly at the 2014 symposium.

Dragonfly, a 501c3 nonprofit that recently celebrated its Fifth Anniversary, brings comfort and joy to young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients (from birth to age 30) and their family.

Mark & Melissa Matson, Board Members of The Dragonfly Foundation, have done more than provide financial donations to the organization, they have supported Dragonfly at every turn, from donating space for “The Landing” (Dragonfly’s clubhouse) to providing video production services to providing counsel and advice that has propelled Dragonfly’s growth. With their assistance, the organization has helped ease the emotional pain, fear and sense of isolation that often accompanies diagnosis, treatment and long-term recovery, for both the patient and the family.

Today, The Dragonfly Foundation serves more than 3,000 “Dragonflies,” and has helped enhance the patient experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Cancer & Blood Diseases Institute. Services have also expanded into Dayton, OH and Chicago, IL.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without Mark and Melissa Matson,” said Christine Neitzke, Co-Founder of The Dragonfly Foundation. “Their support, emotional and financial, has meant so much to us.”

“Losing Dragonflies and having to work so hard for even the smallest donations have been daunting challenges,” said Ria Davidson, Co-Founder of The Dragonfly Foundation. “The Matson’s have always been there for us, especially in our darkest times, making us cry in gratitude. We cried our eyes out on Friday!”

The need continues for Dragonfly Foundation. Please visit to learn more.

To make a donation, please visit the website or text TDF to 91999.