Christine & Ria, Co-Founders

Episode 1: “Founded In Friendship” (Part I of 2)

This podcast features the history and early milestone moments of The Dragonfly Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit founded in Cincinnati to help pediatric cancer patients from birth to age 40 find strength, courage and joy before, through and beyond treatments. 

Dragonfly co-founders Christine Neitzke & Ria Davidson discuss their personal and professional histories, their families, the reasons they formed Dragonfly as well as the foundation’s programs that help patients and families overcome traumatic stress and challenges.

They also share the journey of the first Dragonfly, Christine’s son, Matt, and how they were able to bring him joy through his love of the television show, “Pawn Stars.”

To donate and to learn more about Dragonfly, please visit or text TDF to 91999.

Dragonfly is grateful to iHeart Radio host, Scott Sloan, for recording the introduction and closing of this podcast.

Dragonfly’s podcast of the recording was edited by executive producer Joe Strecker in 2019. 

We thank StoryCorps for recording, preserving, and sharing Dragonfly’s history and earliest milestone moments. 

StoryCorps original recording is housed at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

StoryCorps’ archive comprises one of the first and largest born-digital collections of human voices, featuring tens of thousandof facilitated and recorded interviews from all 50 states and Puerto Rico. To learn more, please visit

NOTE: The recording was created by StoryCorps in 2017 and was edited for brevity in 2019. (Note: The age range served by Dragonfly changed to age 40 in 2017.)

Photo: Hartong Digital Media