“Sometimes it is the act of asking.”

From a Dragonfly Mom:

“Nothing in this world hurts more to a parent then seeing your child in pain. Any type of pain… Hurt bones, hurt feelings or broken heart..it doesn’t matter. The need to fix it but, knowing you can’t… might be the next biggest thing to seeing your hurt child.

They have to grow up so fast because the world we live in forces them…a teen with cancer should be allowed to be a teen…but other teens are not equipped mentally to know how to deal with life of a normal teenager let alone one with cancer.

Having to tell your child that people really do suck and it is unfortunate …..and it is the only thing I can come up with. Sad ……

Sad that we miss the basics of teaching our children how to be a friend and how to treat our friends. Be honest, be sincere and do good.

Cancer has made our daughter learn how to be a whole new girl. She knows she is not the best person to be around at times and that stresses her. She hates to be viewed as high maintenance. She would rather suffer in pain then to miss school or miss being at dance. She hates putting people out and rather not ask for help. She would rather be nauseous and miserable then to be left out of dinner plans with friends for fear of being forgotten or be home alone. Sometimes it is the act of asking. Sometimes its the act of small gestures/kindness NOT assuming that she is too sick or grumpy to be out.

Cancer sucks. That is all.”