A Dragonfly with Marty Brennaman from the Reds at Reds Fest

Reds Players, Marty Brennaman, Cincinnati Bell & CBTS Hit A Home Run With our Dragonfly Families

We took a bunch of our Dragonflies to a private suite at the Cincinnati Reds’ Reds Fest today, thanks to Cincinnati Bell and CBTS.

Highlights included:

— Watching Cincinnati Reds players jump rope, draw, high five, limbo, sign autographs, hug and fist bump our kids and their families
— Seeing all the smiles
— Listening to the kids ask players questions. One of the little little ones (age 4) asked a group of minor leaguers, “Hey guys, want to hang out with me?”
— Seeing so many Reds players come into the suite… some even had specific kids they wanted to visit with or ask about.
— Watching mouths drop to the floor as more and more players filled the room
— Seeing Marty Brennaman (Hall of Fame Reds Announcer) wear a super hero cape that one of our kids gave him! (It “fit” him perfectly!)
— Having a dad ask, “Is this food for us?!”
— Seeing one of our 15-year-old Dragonflies get so tongue tied meeting a player that she couldn’t tell him her name, or ask for an autograph… So cute!!!
— Meeting Bob Castellini!
— Interacting with the Reds’ staff. They are always so nice to us.

We are so grateful for the opportunity that made our Dragonflies smile!

Marty Girls 2014