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“My son was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and our wold was upside down! We traveled from Singapore to Cincinnati. Coming to Cincinnati we knew no one! The co-founder, of the Dragonfly Ria Davidson took charge of everything and made us feel at ease! The Dragonfly Foundation stepped up and supported us! The organization is filled with huge-hearted people that will do ANYTHING for their patients and families. Its great to know people do have a heart and will help in anyway possible. By far one of the best nonprofit’s in the greater Cincinnati/Dayton area!!”

— A Dragonfly Parent

“It was 6 years on 9/10/16 since our world fell apart because of a cancer diagnosis of my youngest little sister. It was a long and hard time with treatments and You brought our family from the dark of the night into the light of the day. You guys did an above and beyond job of bring in us comfort and joy. You made our family feel apart of the Dragonfly family. Keep it up. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!! I so proud to say that the Dragonfly foundation is apart of our family!! Thankyou.”

— A Dragonfly Sibling

“The large gestures are the most fun to hear about, often the easiest to point out, and Dragonfly’s could certainly fill a book. But what’s just as important – They have taken into account the details many glance over, never realizing the big impact these seemingly small acts can make, but Dragonfly knows.

They know the little things that can make the day that much harder or easier. After all, sometimes helping can hurt. Dragonfly works tirelessly to make sure that doesn’t occur

While these individual words may be overused it doesn’t make them any less true – This is the most passionate, dedicate, and sincere foundation I’ve ever come in contact with. The Dragonfly Foundation is incredible!”

— A Dragonfly Volunteer

“I began volunteering for TDF in 2012 right after my own fight with cancer and I plan to always help as much as i can! I have never been involved with an organization like this before and I am amazed daily with everything that they do for kids and their families at CCHMC. From new patient care packages, going “shopping” from their donation room for items that are hand selected from a “my favorite thing” list that the kids give us, to all the events they send our dragonflies to. It is truly a blessing to work beside Ria, Christine and everyone at Dragonfly. I am getting ready to help with an event this weekend called the “Dragonfly Dash” a 333 foot “race” at Liberty Center in Liberty Township Ohio. I will pretty much do anything for our kids. Yes I said “our kids” because once you get involved with this organization, they become your family! And family, THIS family, is there to love, support, and care for one another. They’ve even created a “family” Facebook page that is strictly for patients and their parents to share with one another. Share this successes and failures, happiness and sadness. They’ve built a community of support for one another and it’s so very important to have that care, comfort and support. I highly recommend getting involved with the Dragonfly Foundation. You help to be a blessing and you receive more blessings than you give.”

— A Dragonfly Volunteer