A Dragonfly

Recent Reviews of Dragonfly on GreatNonProfits.org

Reprinted from GreatNonProfits.org:

“My son was diagnosed when he was barely over a year. I knew nothing about cancer. I ended up at the hospital with nothing but a diaper bag and the clothes on my back. They were quick to contact provided me with all the things I needed food hygiene and information. And that was just the start they brought light and joy to moments that we weren’t sure there was light left.”

“The dragonfly foundation has been a huge blessing to my family through my daughter’s cancer battle. From a welcome pack at the hospital, to Christmas gifts, to gift cards on her birthday and tickets to events they have brought happiness to a scary part of her young life.”


“This is an amazing group! They bring smiles and joy to very sick children and their families. And ask nothing in return but smiles. This is what the true face of kindness looks like.”


“What a group of caring individuals always willing to do whatever they can to put a smile on a child face who is going through life threatening illness. They are #1 in my families eyes. Thank you.”


“Awesome organization that does so much for cancer patients and their families. Love love love this foundation. They are family.”

“I am literally typing through the tears as I just watched my friend and her Dragonfly family in the beautiful video that she has shared to Facebook. I immediately went to The Dragonfly Foundations page, and although we are not able to donate a significant amount financially, we were looking for opportunities for myself and my family to donate our time to this amazing foundation. Please let me know if in fact you could use our help in any way, through any type of support whatsoever, we’d just love to help. Amazed by the strength and spirit of your organization.”

“Love them. They bring such joy to kids fighting horrible sickness and the whole family.”

“Our son was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia during his senior year of college. He missed all but 5 weeks of senior year including prom and other events…The Dragonfly Foundation sent him the perfect gifts and when he was able sent him to outings that brought a smile to his face and joy to our family! We are so thankful to have his amazing foundation serving our kids during these difficult treatments. They are truly a blessing to our family!”

“I am a member of this organization, as is my whole family. We were first introduced to them back in 2010 when my older sister was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. They provided such support, love, and kindness to us through an unbelievable time for my family. Then, four years later when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the support grew to exponential levels! They do more than just hand out free stuff and grant wishes. Dragonfly is a network of compassion and understanding and support that is unparalleled. The families a part of the organization get to know one another and talk to each other and help in any way we can. We are brought together by Dragonfly Organization. Ria and Christine have really created an amazing network of comfort and joy that will last for lifetimes.”

“You feel completely overwhelmed when the doctors tell you that your child has cancer. Everything becomes focused around an illness and it is easy to forget how to just enjoy life. That’s what The Dragonfly Foundation does. It really does bring comfort and joy to families.”

“I give The Dragonfly Foundation 5stars cos they are very helpful and friendly I really appreciated how thoughtful they were with their hospital presents their bags contained all we needed and more we didn’t know we’d need and thats aside from the moral and emotional support of all the families including events that bring like families together.

“The dragonfly is a wonderful foundation. While my daughter was in the hospital for a bone marrow transplant they sent toys and a shirt as well as gifts for my husband and I. They have continued to show support via social media where they make everyone feel welcomed. They provide you a place to vent ask questions or just say hello. They more then exceeded my expectations.”