“In the 7 years The Dragonfly Foundation has been in existence, they have offered “comfort and joy” to countless young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients and their families.  They also “empower their flight” and offer HOPE.  I witnessed that on Saturday night as Re/Max gave hot air balloon rides to families in West Chester, OH.

While Mother Nature’s winds were not cooperating, the smiles, laughter and anticipation hoping that the rides could happen stayed strong.  Blue Stone Ivory played oldies favorites to the crowd who danced and sang along.  Children of all ages got their faces painted by St. Susanna Catholic School’s cheer team as they held tightly to colorful balloons.  Families came together and shared stories of how Dragonfly has supported them.  Steve Walls and Rivertown Title and Kona Ice made the event delicious. Other sponsors, including Lutz Flowers, made the night extra special by providing the carnations for band members to distribute to attendees.

HOPE was found everywhere I turned.  I was told by a young Dragonfly battling a brain tumor that she HOPED to have an opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon, because it was on her bucket list.  I am so glad to know that The Dragonfly Foundation will be there to support Dragonflies like her with fun distractions, endless support and encouragement.

Although the winds prevented the hot air balloon from taking flight, it was still an UPLIFTING night. So grateful to Re/Max and Gary Rossignol and his Rock ‘n Roll Real Estate Team for planning and organizing this event, and for the volunteers and supporters who made sure the night was a success. Thank you to everyone for supporting Dragonfly!”

Photos and blog post by long-time Dragonfly volunteer, Anne Petersen.