Quotes from our Dragonfly Families

Thank you SO much for E’s Thomas the Train gifts today. After a long day in the hospital under anesthesia, Evan came home tired and sore. When he saw he had a package and what was inside, it completely changed his demeanor. I have never seen him so excited on these hospital days. It brought tears to this mama’s eyes. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and caring enough to notice that Thomas is his favorite character. We did not see this coming, and you truly made his day. Thank you!” – A Dragonfly Mom

“Dragonfly has been great for our family. We really appreciate all the great things you guys do. The financial impact of my treatment hasn’t allowed us to do much fun stuff. With dragonfly, we’ve been able to attend some really great events! Tomorrow we’re going to the Cyclones game. We’re all super excited about it. It gives us a chance to forget about medical and financial things for a few hours and really be a family.” – A Dragonfly

 I LOVE THE DRAGONFLYS! I am so thankful for u. I hope people come to realize how much comfort and care you do provide to struggling families!” – A Dragonfly Mom

“Thank you for the awesome “parents night out”. Not only did my dragonfly have an amazing time, I did too. Thank you for introducing me to other parents to keep me sane during the trying times of having a sick child. We were able to get away and have some mom time tonight and it was so very needed. <3″ – A Dragonfly Mom

 I just want to thank you so much for always remembering K on special occasions!  It means so much to him (and us) that the kids out of treatment are still remembered!  Thank you for everything you all do at Dragonfly!  Much Love!” – A Dragonfly Mom