Reactions to the $45K laptop, iPad and technology donation Dragonfly made to Cincinnati Children’s

On Tuesday, September 29th, Dragonfly, with support from Zscaler and other organizations, donated nearly $45,000 worth of laptops, iPads, gaming systems and charging stations to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. (For more details, please click here.) Following are some of the comments that Dragonfly Families and others left on our Facebook page:

 “Where is the LOVE button?!!? This is awesome!! I can’t tell you how much these laptops are appreciated!!! When Brittany was first diagnosed with ALL I didn’t have a laptop or an iPhone!!! The laptops were my connection to the outside world as Brittany had control of the tv, Disney Channel 24/7!!!! I loved getting a laptop that had a Dragonfly Sticker on it!! As soon as she was admitted, on many occasions months at a time, I would head to childlife for my connection to the outside world!! Brittany also got to skype with her classmates on many occasions, this thrilled her!!! So, thank you Dragonfly Foundation for not only taking care of our precious children but for doing things that comfort mom and dad too!! COMFORT AND JOY FOR ALL!!! God Bless The Dragonfly Foundation!!! You are amazing!!!”

 “We are so Blessed to have Cincinnati Children’s and the Dragonfly Foundation in our City!!

 (In response to the quote “We are so Blessed to have Cincinnati Children’s and the Dragonfly Foundation in our City!!“)

Spending months at a time in the hospital with your sick child is heart breaking in itself. Add to it being away from other family such as spouse and other children adds to the heart break!! Having Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 20 minutes from my home is a true blessing!! My daughter would be in the hospital weeks and sometimes months at a time and We were blessed with having our supporters 20 minutes away if we needed them!! I have met families from other states and even other countries, I could not imagine being hundreds or thousands of miles from my home or more importantly my family when facing such a horrible thing as a terminally ill child!!!

The Dragonfly Foundation is a true blessing also!! I didn’t think that my daughter would experience any normalcy in her 3 time battle with ALL, but becuz of the Dragonfly Foundation I was happily proved wrong!! Our family time together at Disney On Ice, WWE Wrestling events and Reds Games were truly enjoyable times that for a little bit we would forget she was even in a battle!! The smile on her face was proof of that!! Becuz of her mask you can’t see her smile but you can see the happiness in her eyes, this was before a WWE Event thanks to The Dragonfly Foundation!!

So saying we are Blessed to have these two things in our City is an understatement!”

So amazing! I can’t sing my praises for thus wonderful organization loudly enough. Thank you so much for all you do!

 “We are so blessed to get to be a part of such a great organization that gives so much. Thank you for all the lives you touch.

 “Dragonfly is an amazing organization. Thank you for all you do.

 “(The Power Tower Charging Stations) will be amazing! I don’t know how many times I could have used this during our stays!”

“Wanted to say thank you for all you do Ria Ria Davidson, Christine Neitzke and The Dragonfly Foundation Cincinnati! Spreading joy and comfort to those in need!”


“Amazing. Those power stations especially are so thoughtful. You guys are amazing!!!”