Smiling Dragonfly in I'm Still Me Shirt

Please help us keep our teens/young adults distracted during treatment

Welcomed items include:

  • Gift cards ($5-50) for iTunes, Kindle, Amazon, GameStop, Target, Wal-Mart, National Chain Restaurants and Clothing stores
  • Patients spend hours/days researching the best items to purchase, giving them a measure of control and something to pass the time.
  • Video games and game systems (PlayStation 3, Wii Systems, etc.; video games of all ratings)
  • Tablets (iPad Mini’s, Kindles, etc.)
  • DVDs (Television series and new release movies, PG, PG13, R)
  • Nerf Basketball (who doesn’t like to shoot hoops from their hospital bed? We need a TON of these!!)
  • Nice makeup sets
  • Art sets (for older kids)
  • Lego Architecture, Lego City and Lego Minecraft sets
  • Alex & Ani bracelets (a favorite of young teens!)
  • has some great, unique gifts to choose from
    • Do It Yourself Kits
    • Cardboard Animal Heads (weird things to keep them occupied)
    • Sneaker Customization Kits
    • Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game

These items are just suggestions, please feel free to find items on your own. Gift cards can be $5 in value or more; if donating toys or gift items, please iim for a gift value greater than $15.

Items should NOT be wrapped. They must be NEW and in their original packaging.

We will need to put them in our inventory before we can give them to families.