You Are Not Alone


Dear Patient and Family, Dragonfly Family

Right now, you may be devastated by a new diagnosis or burdened by the mounds of paper work required for the hospital to manage care. You may be overwhelmed by the traumatic effects of treatments. With reason, signing up for The Dragonfly Foundation may not seem like the priority that it should be. I encourage you to take a moment, take that step to become part of the Dragonfly family. There is no such thing as too much support. The sole purpose of The Dragonfly Foundation is to bring comfort and joy to patients and their families during some of the hardest times anyone can go through. Like a bandage, Dragonfly provides distractions to relieve some of the pain and isolation these diagnoses give us. Whether it is an event or a simple card, The Dragonfly Foundation is there to remind patients and families that there is light in even the darkest moments. We are not alone when we are a part of the Dragonfly family.


The Mother of a Dragonfly

Q:  Who can be a Dragonfly?

A:  The Dragonfly Foundation serves young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients being treated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We are currently raising funds to support Chicago-area hospitals and their eligible patients. We can’t move fast enough to provide support to young patients regardless of residency or treatment location.

Q:  What is the age range of the patients served?

A:  We support patients from birth to age 30, until they have been five years past treatment or until the patient reaches 30 years of age. (If the patient joins Dragonfly at the end of their 5 years or at the age of 30, he/she and their family will remain a Dragonfly for one year from the date registration.)

Example 1: If a newly diagnosed 7-year-old patient requiring three years of treatment would remain a Dragonfly until they are 15 years old, assuming they had no evidence of disease for 5 years following treatment. (Age 7 + 3 years of treatment + 5 years = 15 years old)

Example 2: If a 30-year-old newly diagnosed patient becomes a Dragonfly, they would remain a Dragonfly for 1 year from their registration date. (Age 31)

Q:  Do you serve all blood disease patients?

A:   Unfortunately, we just can’t. While The Dragonfly Foundation would like to support all patients, regardless of illness, we must recognize the limited resources that are available. Unfortunately, blood diseases are so numerous, prevalent and long-lasting that supporting this category of disease alone – in the way we provide services to cancer patients — would bankrupt our organization. Only cancer and bone marrow transplant patients and the hospital departments that treat them receive our services and support.

Q:  What is the procedure required to become a Dragonfly Family?

A:   Families with eligible patients should register with The Dragonfly Foundation through a partner hospital’s Social Work Department. No other method of receipt will be accepted.

Q:  What information is collected as part of Dragonfly’s registration process?

A:  The Dragonfly Foundation Registration Form asks for names and ages of all the children in the family, as well as the family’s address and contact information. We also ask about the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. We inquire about the patient’s interests and activities, as well as try to learn about the types of activities that the family likes to do together. This information helps us identify items and experiences that may bring the patient and their family smile-worthy distractions.

Q:  What happens once a registration form is submitted back to The Dragonfly Foundation?

A:  Within 2 business days of receiving the registration form from the hospital, a Dragonfly representative will make a personal phone call to review the information we receive, introduce The Dragonfly Foundation and, depending upon availability, explain how our opt-in event notification system works. From there, a welcome package will be sent. We try to involve the entire family in our ongoing activities and gift giving, as much as possible.

Q:  What is the best way to reach someone at The Dragonfly Foundation?

A:  We are a phone call away! We ask that you call our hotline: 513/494-6474 or send us an email. A Dragonfly representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.