“My mom don’t need to be worried…”

One of our Dragonfly mom’s posted this on our private Facebook page for patients/families:

“Hello, Good morning, I did receive a call from School Nurse of my Son, He’s having a headache, she ask Him ir he want Mom pick up him from School, He told he nop, He said to the Nurse: MY MOM IS NOT A RICH MOM SHE HAS TO WORK, SHE IS MISSING TO MUCH WORK DAYS WHEN I HAVE APPOINTMENT SO I JUST WANT SOME MOUNTAINDEW OR COKE, CLOSE MY EYES FOR 10 MIN AND I WILL BE OK…MY MOM DON’T NEED TO BE WORRIED…. o God what a sweet boy I have, the nurse was crying telling me what he told her…ohhh of course I was crying listening her…Thanks God cause I can’t ask for a better Son.”

When I asked if I could have permission to share her story, she wrote:

“Yes Ria  of course you can… he is going to have Lp tomorrow and get 2 chemotherapys son I need prayers for him…he get so Nervous whet he get Anesthesia he said HE FEELS LIKE A DIED FOR A MOMENT…so everu time when he get that I dont tell himm until we going in to the room thank you so much and prayers will be welcome…”

Of course she would worry….

Isn’t this little boy amazing?!?!