“Makayla’s Story”

Makayla is a happy little girl full of love and Faith. She loves Soccer, Dance, Track and field, loves to cook and Plans to travel the world when she grows up.  Makayla was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor called juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma (JPA)only a week after finishing Kindergarten at 6 years old.  Our world was flipped upside down.  Makayla became very withdrawn and depressed. While in the hospital we received a bag full of the things we would need to help us during the few weeks.  That’s how we learned of The Dragonfly Foundation.

We connected with the Dragonfly Foundation and learned of many other great opportunities for our kids to just be kids. While JPA has taken so much from Makayla, The Dragonfly Foundation helped her, and our family find joy again. For just a few hours we forgot about the pain, the sadness and stress. Makayla could enjoy events while staying safe. I’m all stages of treatment she was able to enjoy being in the Reds Opening Day Parade. She has attended Disney on Ice and has had many play dates at the landing. We appreciate everything that the Dragonfly Foundation does for our family. We love that you include our other children and us as parents. Makayla is doing much better now. She is still fighting and still full of love and faith.