"Earn Your Wings" Volunteer T-shirts

Love Our Volunteers — & Our T-shirts

From a Dragonfly Volunteer:

“Quick story…
Left The Landing and stopped by Fed Ex to get the card you gave me
copied. Ended up getting about 30 copies and put them in my work
binder. Went home and changed in to one of my older Dragonfly Tshirts
and decided to stop by Starbucks to sit and work while waiting to pick
my daughter up from her activity.

Sitting at Starbucks I had three different people come up to me asking
about what The Dragonfly Foundation was. They all stated that they had
seen the logo all around town and wanted more info. I was thrilled to
have copies of the card you had given me to distribute and to answer
any questions they had.

Spreading the Love…


Thank you, Maggie, for raising awareness about The Dragonfly Foundation and the need to “care while we wait for a cure.”

(And thank you, Matson Family, for making The Landing possible!)