Love getting these notes!

From Dragonfly Families:

“The kids are having the time of their life! S has a non-stop smile!”

“The amazing opportunities to spend time together as a family…FAMILY TIME!!! The most precious gift! Amazing, and exciting things to do together when we need it the most! Time to forget and enjoy each other!! Thank you!”

“The Dragonfly Foundation came into our lives at a point where we were LOW. You lifted our spirits and helped us forget about the battle J and the whole family had been battling for what felt like an eternity. We are still talking about the wonderful gifts you gave us and we will NEVER forget your kindness. WE LOVE THE DRAGONFLY FOUNDATION !!!!!!!!!”

“I’m a Dragonfly! Are you a Dragonfly?” – A Dragonfly mom told us that her little one asks this of everyone at school… Since then, we have heard that families ask this of other families, volunteers ask this of other people they meet, and supporters ask our donors this question.


“It was just the most awesome day in the world, and today is his birthday and he old me that this was the best birthday ever because of the experience he had… He got to see what football is all about, he got to see how football players do drills, even though he can’t play the sport, but it gave him a little opportunity to play – a little bit. And that was huge for us. You guys are wonderful, you are the best, and we had a blast!

Quotes From Others:

“I really admire you and the work you are doing — the memories you help make and the impact you have on families dealing with seemingly insurmountable challenges is truly a gift that is, as the commercials say, ‘priceless.'”