The Landing

We call our 6,000-square-foot patient/family space in Cincinnati “The Landing” because we believe that “every Dragonfly needs a place to land.”

The Landing

We call it “The Landing” because we believe that “every Dragonfly needs a place to land.”

The Dragonfly Foundation is proud to offer patients and their families a space to “just be.”

Nicknamed “The Landing,” the 6,000 sq. ft. clubhouse is located within a beautiful commercial plaza near Mason, OH. [The Landing was made possible by the generosity of The Matson Family Foundation, Casto, and other sponsors and supporters.]

While this is not a permanent location, we are grateful for the time we have in the beautiful space that gives our families a place to meet other Dragonflies, hang out,” have fun and be comfortable — especially important at a time when patients may have to wear masks, have ports or feeding tubes, and deal with uncomfortable public reactions to their appearance.

“Thank you, TDF! We were at The Landing tonight and it was just what we needed! We are all excited to come back! So blessed to be a part of your wonderfulness. Thank you for doing what you do!!!!”
— From a Dragonfly Mom

The Landing, located at 9275 Governors Way, Cincinnati, OH, (click here for directions) is a unique space where Dragonflies of all ages and their families can find comfort and experience joy. It includes a video conference center, multiple living room spaces, craft areas, a meeting space with a 14-foot-long conference table and state-of-the-art video games and gaming systems. The Landing also includes a utility space and temporary storage for toys, gifts and care package items.

Events held at The Landing include:

  • Play Dates
  • Craft Days
  • Parties
  • Science Demonstrations
  • Fall Fest (To watch a video of this event, please click here)
  • Meet and Greets
  • Parents Night Outs
  • Caregiver- and Sibling-only Gatherings

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3:00 pm, or by appointment. Patients/families may use the facility from during open hours or by appointment

Please call 513.494.6474 to confirm open hours as they are subject to change. Please DO NOT visit The Landing if you or anyone in your family has been sick within the last 48 hours. Depending on the health status of the Dragonflies visiting the Landing, entrance into the facility by non-Dragonfly visitors may be restricted or prohibited.