Lakota West: #GoGold

Lakota West Student Sell #GoGold T-shirts for Dragonfly

On Friday, 2/2 at Lakota West High School’s basketball game, students, faculty and friends will be wearing gold for Dragonfly! At the game, some of our Dragonflies will be there to give a testimonial. One Dragonfly wrote this to give as a short speech:

“Hello, My name is Allison. When I was 6 years old, I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma bone cancer. Throughout my treatment the Dragonfly foundation was always there for me. I got to go to cool events and when I went to these events, I got to see kids who were just like me. I really appreciate the Dragonfly foundation and I thank you Lakota West students for making this donation.”

We are grateful to Lakota West students, faculty, boosters, and family members for their support of The Dragonfly Foundation!

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