“Jess’s Story”

On 9/26/19 it will be 3 years since Jess was diagnosed with AML and became a dragonfly. Jess faced many challenges throughout her treatment but always with a positive smile and hope for better things to come after it was over. She lost all her hair due to her chemo and is still growing it back. She missed half of her 6th grade school year due to her treatment but returned to have a great year of 7th. She has been a competitive cheerleader for the past 8 years and enjoys tumbling and stunting with her teammates and friends.
Dragonfly was there for us from diagnosis through treatment and into recovery, we feel very blessed by all the support and love they provide. Jess’s favorite part about being a Dragonfly is the opportunity to make memories and do fun things with her family at the dragonfly events.