Jeremy’s Dragonfly Story (Part 2) Podcast

Ria Davidson, co-founder of The Dragonfly Foundation, and Dragonfly dad, Jeremy, continue their discussion about how families endure and overcome challenges, particularly of cancer. 

Topics included in Part 2 of the interview:

  • Tips for families, with specific advice for fathers, enduring a life-threatening ordeal
  • Dragonfly mission, programs/services and billboards
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center & the miracle workers who work there
  • The “peace of mind” and support Dragonfly offers
  • A message of thanks to Dragonfly supporters

Dragonfly is grateful to iHeart Radio host, Scott Sloan, for recording the introduction/closing of the podcast. The executive producer of Dragonfly’s podcast is Joe Strecker

The Dragonfly Foundation(R), a 501c3 nonprofit, helps pediatric cancer patients and their families find strength, courage, and joy. We do this by providing ongoing support, relevant materials, and caring, nurturing and transformative experiences.

To donate and to learn more about Dragonfly, please visit or text WINGS to 71777. 

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