“It meant a dragonfly had landed”

A Dragonfly Mom submitted this as part of a school project for her degree in social work:

When my daughter E was diagnosed at the age of 6 in 2013 with a brain tumor that meant we also qualified for a group called The Dragonfly Foundation. This foundation is for families battling cancer and bone marrow transplants. This group has once again shown unconditional love that is deeply rooted in our family. They allow the children and their parents to participate in events to help forget about life and what they battle.

This foundation has been valued by myself and now my daughter. She came home the other day and there was package waiting for her. It meant a dragonfly had landed to bring her joy, and that it did. Because of being in this program, Emily is learning to pay it forward. The foundation also funds a program called the Beads of Courage where a child earns beads during their treatment for things they experience and go through while in treatment.

This foundation is now a newly added culture for us but it means the world that we have a resource like this during a dark time in our lives.”