“I can’t imagine our lives without these connections now”

Each week, we receive calls/emails from Dragonfly family members and supporters giving us advance notice that newly diagnosed cancer patient and would soon be registering with Dragonfly. Here is an example of a Facebook Messenger conversation we had with one of our Dragonfly Moms (reprinted with permission, names removed):

Dragonfly Mom:
“Keep your eyes out for a KC. I was connected to her through a prayer group I’m a part of on (Facebook). She was sharing the need for prayer for her daughter who as it turns out has brain cancer. She reached out to me in a private message after I left her a couple on the prayer group page. Needless to say, I told her all about Dragonfly! Hopefully she’s gotten her (New Diagnosis Care) bag, but I clued her in and told her what a great place it will be for her and her family. Just thought I’d put her name on your radar. I don’t know her or even met her other than through this prayer group. Hoping she can connect as her daughter just began treatment.”
Dragonfly’s Response:
This is the 3rd heads up I have gotten today… all different kids Thanks for telling her about us. I am so glad that you feel proud of being a dragonfly and that you believe we would benefit other families. (((HUGS))))) Makes my night!!!! We don’t have her yet, but we will be watching for her!!”
Dragonfly Mom:
Okay, first let me say, holy cow! I guess I don’t envy your job. Yikes. Makes me sad you’ve got 3 heads up today alone. Too many kids and too many families having to watch their lives change forever. As it all begins, I sometimes think if they fully knew what was all coming it would truly put them over the edge. That sounds awful, but it’s too much. There’s only so much you can take at a time. Hence the joy in having Dragonfly. And of course we’re proud to be dragonflies!! Seriously, the boys were watching a PBS cartoon called Wild Kratts. They were talking about dragonflies and they got excited that they were one. Love it. People probably think I’m trying to sell them something when I tell them about it. I always emphasize it’s a free thing, it’s about connecting with other families who will actually understand like nobody else can. They probably wonder how I can be so happy about something that’s connected to cancer. lol. The thing is, I can’t imagine our lives without these connections now. Even as good as J is doing, I know these connections are what will get us through annual checks, the worries, the celebrations and just watching our kids grow together. I mean can you imagine high school graduation celebrations for these kiddos bringing everyone together?! Okay, I’ll get off my ranting. Just thankful.”
Closing note: As 2014 and our 4 years and 4 months in operations closes, we want to thank the many people who have helped us help these young patients and their families. We look forward to connecting with new supporters, volunteers and, as difficult to think about, new Dragonfly families. Best wishes to you and yours for health, happiness and prosperity in 2016!