Hatchimal Auction Story #2

Here is just a quick story on the donation of the second Hatchimal that was donated to The Dragonfly Foundation:

“My daughter Hailey just turned 7 and we were talking about Christmas, The Dragonfly Foundation and ways to give back. We were inspired by another little girl named Kelly who was helping Dragonfly. In talking about that, we reminisced about when Hailey just turned one (1) and spent a few weeks in the hospital because she stopped eating and drinking. We talked about how there were so many other kids who would not be able to come home from the hospital for the holidays. Hailey immediately said, “I wonder if Santa would give Dragonfly the Hatchimal that I asked for so that they could use it to help their Dragonflies.”
I told her I had to ask Santa to deliver it early, and we called Ria Davidson, the co-founder of Dragonfly, to see if she could raise some money by auctioning the hatchimal …. And Dragonfly ended up raising $500!!

The Dragonfly Foundation will always be a huge part of our lives and we will always be proud supporters of what they do each day to bring comfort and joy to these families. It is amazing the impact it can make on not only a child’s life… but also to the parents and family members impacted by cancer and bone marrow transplants. We know the Christmas spirit is alive and well when little ones like Kelly (the other little girl who donated her Hatchimal) and Hailey, find strength and joy in giving and putting others before themselves. We want to spread the word and do everything possible to bring attention to this amazing charity: The Dragonfly Foundation.”