Emotional Isolation

“We are dealing with the lives and suffering of our children. Most people have not had to witness that with a child. Cancer is hard enough with adults but when you see little helpless eyes looking up at you with complete trust while you hold them down to get an IV, it’s something very few people understand. They don’t understand it has to be done. And when you see them defecate, urinate or vomit in front of strangers it’s heart breaking. You’re watching them lose their innocence and their childhood.

My child is no longer silly or carefree. Every cough near her terrifies her. Every sore throat makes her think she is headed to the hospital…

She has lost almost all of her friendships because she has been sick for so long. She can’t find a single friend who wants to play the video games they all played. She has tried so hard to get them interested but the have moved forward and she is stuck because of her illness and challenges…”

— A Dragonfly Mom