Dragonfly Courage

Reprinted from the BeadsandBangles Blog: http://www.beadsanddangles.com/blogs/news

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Marji Bitterman

When I decided to create a collection of charms for the HOPE, DREAM, BELIEVE Collection, the first word of inspiration that came to my mind was COURAGE.  My ten year old cousin, Justin, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was three and he is our family’s hero. His journey has inspired so many people and his courage cannot even begin to be described in a short blog post.

My next challenge was to design the charm around the word. I have always loved dragonflies, so I searched for images that would work well on a charm and discovered The Dragonfly Foundation.  This organization is devoted to bringing comfort and joy to kids, young adults, and their families enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants.

Having flown the earth
for 300 million years,
Dragonflies symbolize our ability
to overcome times of hardship.
They can remind us
to take time to reconnect
with our own strength
courage and