Items In Need

We need any of the following items:
Please help us by sponsoring, or donating an auction item for, one of our
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Here are the items TDF needs most. Please note that all donated items must be new and in their original packaging.

  • Wal-Mart, Target, MasterCard/Visa and Gas Gift Cards:
    Our Dragonflies use these to buy their favorite foods, clothes, games, toys, and more. A desperate family can use a gas card to help cover the cost of visiting their child or taking their child receive chemo. The uses are endless! Plus, it only takes 2 stamps to send them, versus $10 for shipping toys or other gifts!
  • Toys & Gifts
    • Infant Toys
    • Light Up & Play Music Toys
    • Lego Sets (Especially For Teens)
    • Coloring Kits
    • Crafts (All Ages)
    • Educational Toys (All Ages)
    • Super Hero Toys
    • PlayStation 4 & XBox One Games and Consoles
  • Care Package Items
    • Laundry TABLETS (Must be FREE/CLEAR)
    • Dryer Sheets (Must be FREE/CLEAR)
    • Digital Thermometers (A hospital requirement for cancer/BMT patient discharge)
    • Woman On The Go Kits (Personal Care Supplies)
    • Small Boxes of Tissues
    • Accordion File Folders
    • Binders (1 inch), divider tabs, business card holders
    • Mesh laundry bags
    • Ear Plugs
    • Dry erase white boards (8.5" x 11")
  • Tablets and Laptops with Webcams (for laptops, be sure to call us so we can give you the specifications required by our partner hospitals).
  • Boxes & Packaging Materials: Please drop off any sized shipping boxes and packaging materials to Safe Ship of West Chester, OH (anytime during business hours). They do not charge us for packaging patient/family gifts, if we can provide them with these materials. They will take any type of packing material (i.e. peanuts, foam, air packs, bubble wrap, etc) and ANY size box! (Don’t pitch, RECYCLE!!)
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