Donate Auction Items/Raffle Prizes

We need help acquiring items for our upcoming fundraiser auctions and raffles, valued at $25 or more.

We can always group individual items together by theme, so even obtaining one item would be extremely helpful.

Following are a list of suggested items that are most in demand:

To learn more about these events, please click here.

Raffle Items (Valued at $25+)

  • Gift Cards
  • Lottery tickets
  • Martini (glasses, shakers, mixes, etc.)
  • Alcohol (whiskey, vodka, beer, etc.)
  • Wine (wine bottles, cork screws, glasses, etc.)
  • Bling (costume or real jewelry, jewelry box, etc.)
  • Home decor (candlesticks, prints, potpourri, photo frames, etc.)
  • Baby items (onesies, diapers, formula, hand molds, clothes, etc.)
  • Beauty (gift cards to salon, haircare or beauty products, etc.)
  • Photography (gift card to photo studio, photo frames, photo album, etc.)
  • Dragonfly items (any and all things dragonfly!)
  • Holiday (4th of July, Christmas, etc.)
  • Sports (package of balls, baseball mits, gift card to sports stores, etc.)
  • Coupons and miscellaneous gift cards

We are open to other ideas! Create a basket! Get your neighbors and friends involved!

High Value Auction Items ($200+)

  • Sports equipment (golf clubs, golf bags, etc.)
  • Free meals for a year
  • Autographed items and memorabilia
  • Tickets to local and national events
  • Hotel or condominium stays
  • Airline tickets
  • Experiences (Segway tours, backstage passes, etc.)
  • Memberships (fitness clubs, wine clubs, etc.)
  • Personal chef or maid services
  • Automotive (free oil changes for a year, car rental certificates, car washes)
  • Tours (wine cellars, backstage, etc.)
  • Special seating (restaurants, events, etc.)