Comfort & Joy In Chipotle

From Ria, Dragonfly co-founder: I thought I would share a personal story with our Dragonfly community. It is an example of how impactful comfort and joy can be, even to those who might not be affected by cancer, extended hospital stays, hair loss, etc…

I hope it will inspire other acts of kindness.

Recently, my son was waiting to be served in the long line at our local Chipotle when he noticed that one of the workers behind the counter was singing to himself. Other customers noticed, too. Some of them smiled, but others began snickering/laughing at the worker.

Hearing this, the worker looked up, became uncomfortable, and immediately stopped singing.

My son caught the worker’s eye, gave a nod, and — to the worker’s delight — immediately finished singing the song from where the worker left off.

When my son got to the register, the worker ran over and paid for my son’s meal.

Please do what you can to make others smile, and to spread comfort and joy, even in everyday situations.

Don’t be afraid to sing.